Recent News

Sky Converter 1.0.0 Release Notes

List of Main Changes

  • Update channels is increased to 10;
  • New fake distress squawk supression function;
  • Migrated to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS;
  • Update user manual.

ASTERIX Toolkit 1.13.0 Release Notes

List of Main Changes

  • Support ASTERIX CAT010 v1.10
  • Support ASTERIX CAT062 v1.16
  • Implement I001/170 encode
  • Implement I001/200 encode
  • Implement I048/170 encode
  • Fix bug in I001/040 encoding
  • Fix bug in I048/040 encoding
  • Fix bug in I001/161 encoding
  • Fix bug in I048/161 encoding
  • Fix bug in IXXX/090 encoding
  • Update copyright info

Notice on Tax Rate Change

This notice applies only to client from Mainland China.

Statement on Name Change

Since March 2019, we have officially changed our company’s name from “SinoATC” to “Aerosys”.