ASTERIX Toolkit 1.13.0 Release Notes

24 May 2019

List of Main Changes

  • Support ASTERIX CAT010 v1.10
  • Support ASTERIX CAT062 v1.16
  • Implement I001/170 encode
  • Implement I001/200 encode
  • Implement I048/170 encode
  • Fix bug in I001/040 encoding
  • Fix bug in I048/040 encoding
  • Fix bug in I001/161 encoding
  • Fix bug in I048/161 encoding
  • Fix bug in IXXX/090 encoding
  • Update copyright info

Full change log can be accessed at


Platform Windows 64-bit
Version 1.13.0
Fine Name asterixtk-win64-1.13.0.exe
MD5 61a98c1e614c87d4e1b8a073c092b4b5

Old versions can be downloaded at

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