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Lite & Professional

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ASTERIX Toolkit Professional Edition USD 99.95 Included
ASTERIX Toolkit Lite Edition FREE N/A

About OEM & Customization

We are very open for any OEM and customization in our product. And actually we had quite a few references on providing our product as part of customer’s solution, or developing features and functions according to customer’s specific requirements.

For more discussion, please contact us.

About Lite Edition

The Lite edition is free of charge, but can only be used for non-commercial purpose, advanced features are NOT accessible in lite edition.

The Professional edition can be used for commercial purpose, and all advanced features are accessible without limitation.

You can register Lite edition by sending your “Name”, “Address”, and “Organization” (if applicable) to, we will send you license key for free.

We appreciate you to support us by purchasing professional license!